Bodybuilding and fitness competitions are hype. Nowadays there is a class for every physical and that makesWeight Lifting, Fitness, Gym, Perspective, Body, Health it attractive for many people. The threshold to get in is a lot lower. However, don’t let the hype fool you. Know where you start taking anabolic supplements because it involves a lot of abandonment, hunger, uncertainty, and sacrifice!

Tips for Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitions

Too fast, too low in your calories or carbohydrates!
At first, many people think that they should immediately sit low in their calories, and in particular carbohydrates. WRONG! That way you immediately make it very difficult for yourself. Fewer carbohydrates indeed lead to less moisture retention, more empty glycogen stores and loss of fat. BUT, this also means that you have less strength, fewer full muscles and if you sit too low in glycogen for too long, you have a good chance of losing the hard-earned muscle mass.

Only Train High Reps With Low Weight
Beginners and general gym visitors often think that many repetitions will make them dry. High reps certainly have a place in training for, among other things, volume, other muscle fibers, etc. However, during a competition preparation, it quickly has the opposite effect. Consider the faster loss of strength, loss of muscle fullness (glycogen stores, for example, empty much faster) and, in the worst-case scenario, you also lose your muscle mass faster.

Make a Mistake About The Impacts on Your Social Life
Everyone likes to eat well with friends, loved ones and family. Trips, birthdays and perhaps you often go out. Know that in your preparation it often says “no” with the necessary disappointments as a result. Everywhere you have to take Tupperware containers with you, it can lead to situations where your ambition is not always understood. I have heard many times around me that relationships and friendships have been affected by this and even relationships that have broken down. It is a very self-centric time and not everyone can appreciate this. You are very tired, you can also be quite grumpy in recent weeks, have a reduced libido, etc. This can definitely lead to discussions and problems since you are also more irritable. You must understand that this is a challenge for your friendships and relationships. The more support you get from your environment, the smoother your preparation will be. Then try to create a positive and supportive environment for yourself and others. So be alert and aware of the impact this has so that you know in advance what you can expect and thus prevent a lot of misery.

Post Contest Breeze
After all those weeks of saying no and fantasizing about food, the time has come! You can eat again! Deliciousrrr !! I have seen it happen so often that people eat everything they want the week after their race and 10-15 pounds arrive after that week. That way you not only ruin your hard-earned shape but also the possibility to give you a huge boost physically.

Bodybuilding and Fitness: Preparation and Tips Before Competition