It should go without saying, but it’s vitally important that you arrive to the wedding venue with time to spare. Arriving early allows you time to take photos of family members arriving to the venue as well as documenting the small details, such as flowers and other trinkets that the couple have decorated the venue with to give it their own personal touch.

If you have some time to spare, take a quick reconnaissance outside of the venue and keep an eye out for nice locations for group shots and for shots of the couple after the ceremony. While you’re scouting the location, make sure that you take some wide-angle shots of the venue itself. Before the bride arrives, take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the vicar or registrar at the venue and make it known that you are the official photographer.

The ceremony is the most important part of the day Photograph groups Discover how to efficiently manage your time Group shots don’t have to be a taxing ordeal, especially if you plan ahead.


Often photographers will fall into the trap of trying to take all of the group shots after the ceremony, however the danger here is that you end up with too many shots to take in a limited amount of time.

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