The main challenge is that you can’t really plan for what’s about to happen – everything is spontaneous. It’s not like landscape photography where you spend probably days setting up a shot [and] waiting for the right conditions.

At a gig, 99 per cent of the time you have to work to the ‘three songs, no flash’ rule – the bane of all photographers. During those three songs, which for some bands means a few minutes, you never quite Above Capture expressions During a gig, the lead singer is bound to produce a wide range of expressions, but only pick the very best when showing a client 85 know how the lights will be, will there be too much smoke, will the band stand still or run around like lunatics and will the crowd be covering you in beer and crowd surfing onto your head as you shoot.”

Learn directly from the professionals and master weddings and events shot by shot. Gain inspiration and insight into the inner workings of a professional photographer and discover industry secrets that will help take your imagery to the next level. Professional music photographer Kevin Nixon shares advice on how to shoot from the pit of a live rock concert, and internationally acclaimed wedding, portrait and boudoir pro, provides insight into capturing artistic wedding photos.