it’s always better to have sharp shots with some digital noise, than blurred images that are free from noise. Alternatively, if you have a prime or zoom lens with a wide maximum aperture, you can always use this at the widest aperture setting to let in as much light as possible into your camera, allowing you to reduce the ISO sensitivity.

Group shots don’t have to be a taxing ordeal, especially if you plan ahead. Often photographers will fall into the trap of trying to take all of the group shots after the ceremony, however the danger here is that you end up with too many shots to take in a limited amount of time. To make better use of your time, allocate a space before the ceremony to take some shots of the parents, groom and the groomsmen outside of the venue.

Not only will this be a welcome distraction for the nerve-ridden groom, but it’ll also buy you some time later on. Before the wedding, pre-arrange with the bride and groom a list of group shots they want to capture and bring the list with you on the day.

– that way you can simply work through the list and avoid wasting time.