No-one is going to hire you without any experience, so it’s worth shooting as many weddings as possible before you take the leap into the world of professional wedding photography. You can start by shooting candids and other less formal images as a guest for friends and family. When doing this it’s important that such as Aspire.

They will give you an insight into how to shoot important occasions without the pressure of shooting at a real event. Once you have shot some weddings for friends and family, you could also consider assisting a wedding photographer to get experience of professional wedding photography.

To begin with, contacting some local photographers to see if they need an assistant is a good idea. Wedding photographers tend to be extremely busy during the spring and summer, though, so it’s better to approach them during the quieter months of late autumn or spring. Don’t expect to get rich from this, as it’s rare for an assistant to get paid any more you shouldn’t try to ‘compete’ with the main photographer, so don’t try to take over the posed or formal shots – but pay close attention to how they work and how you might approach similar shots. Another way to hone your skills before you go all-out as a wedding photographer is to get some training. There are many specialist wedding photography workshops and courses run by reputable companies.