The period after the happy couple have tied the knot is usually your chance to head off with the newlyweds to take some pleasing portraits. Do bear in mind that you’ll be working against the clock, though: the couple will be itching to mingle with their guests and enjoy the drinks reception that will be in full swing, so it’s imperative that you work quickly and efficiently.

This often means that you’ll need to adapt to your surroundings and whatever light is available to you. Contrary to common belief, bright sunlight is actually one of the hardest types of light to work with for a number of reasons. Wedding dresses and three-piece suits don’t always mix well with scorching sunlight, so if you’re planning on working in direct sunlight, you better make it quick before the couple start to get uncomfortable.

The bright light from direct sunlight can be somewhat unflattering, as it casts harsh shadows across the face and will cause the couple to squint. Instead, try placing the couple so that their backs are towards the Sun and shoot into the sunlight, exposing for the shadowed side of the couple.

– You may also need to attach a lens hood to your glass to prevent flare from washing out your images.