Many people are more compliant in following the dietary requirements specific for their way of living. Generally, dietary requirements are usually influenced by medical views, religious belief or lifestyle approach.

Being an event planner, all these are very important to take into account. This is more applicable for those who are planning to have some of the best practices in having a health fair. Moreover, it demands for creativity and open-mindedness to consider those aspects.

Specific Dietary Needs

Here are some of the specific dietary restrictions that an event planner should consider in planning the menu.


A vegetarian diet is very simple to understand. Basically no meat from either poultry source or fish. And surprisingly, there is an overflowing selections of non-meat diets.

Food suggestions:
A protein alternative not sourced from meat is the best to serve for event attendees who are vegetarian.


Any product coming from meat or any by-products of an animal are not being taken by those under a vegan diet. In short, they don’t eat meat, poultry, or fish. And also, they do not consume eggs and dairy products.

Food suggestions: Soy-based wheat products can be an option for vegan dieters during an event. This can be added with nuts, vegetables, grains, and other products which can be eaten raw.


Pescatarian diet is very similar with a vegetarian diet. The only difference is that seafood can be consumed.

People following the pescatarian diet can eat meat sourced from seafood. The only restriction for this kind of diet is their meat or poultry consumption. In addition, dairy and egg products are ok to eat.

Food suggestions: Better to add a fish selection in your events menu. But, make sure that it does not include meat stock in its cooking process.


What made kosher diet different from the other diet type is that dieters under this diet regimen can eat meat and poultry. However, the meat or poultry source is butchered under a kosher process. Kosher diet also do not take dairy and meat that are incorporated in the same meal.

Food suggestions: Make sure that meat products you will be cooking are processed in a kosher butchering facility.


Generally, Muslims are the common attendees under this diet category. They will not eat meat or pork unless it is not processed under the standard that come after the Muslim tradition.

Food suggestions: Meat products that will be served in the event should be processed in a facility following the Halal process.

There are still other dietary restrictions that are available. Also comes with it is some diet programs like those at

Dietary Requirements to Consider by an Event Planner