Thinking of a birthday theme party for your kid who is turning seven years old is not that hard especially if, as a parent, you know his likes and hobbies. Nowadays, younger people are in to sports, especially basketball, primarily because his parents and even his school are incorporating such sport in to his daily lives. But usually the reason is that the parent, especially the father, forces his son to play basketball.

If your kid happen to love basketball so much and he is turning 7 years old. Do not think twice of giving him a basketball themed birthday party because it is a great idea and the event will surely be a memorable day for your child. In this way, his friends who are fond of basketball will get to play on the day of the event. If you are looking for a great hoop, then this kids basketball hoop will surely be a great investment even for your future kids.

For this article, we will be sharing some tips and guides when planning for a basketball themed birthday party. This includes foods, setting, plays and other interactive activities:

When it comes to party decorations, it is important to choose props and designs that will make a first great impression to your guests. It is fine to have limited decor as long as the venue will cover the theme of the entire venue. Aside from basketball hoop for kids, you may choose to put a standee in front of the venue or beside the main entrance.

Some people think that when they choose a not so common theme, it will be hard to decide what type of food to serve. But since it is a kids party, we advise to choose any type of food as long as its presentation or design will coordinate with the concept of the event.

As for the activities, it is already obvious that there should be at least a free throw game, where the kid who gets the most number of free throw will win a prize. Another activity that we can suggest is instead of a picture in a frame where the guest will write their birthday wishes/messages, it can be a ball .



Tips and Ideas on Planning a Basketball Themed Party for your Kid