Today’s trend in the events planning industry goes on the utilization of mobile marketing. Event planners usually work with their smartphones or iPhone devices such as the Coque iPhone 7 Plus at most of the social gatherings that they’re handling. Their interaction is not just with the event happenings but with the content and tools of their mobile phones as well. With this, marketers and planners must establish set of mobile channels that they could use to enhance their engagement. Because of that, below are some important things to be included in the checklist for mobile events planning.

To-do list of activities for mobile events planning

The activities below are helpful suggestions of doing an events planning through the use of mobile phones.

1. Create an ads on social media

Numbers of mobile users are reaching out for Facebook and Instagram very often. Using social media to promote your event planning and posting your events on these platforms are advisable ways to connect with those people who might be attending. To boost or attract more event attendees, a button such as the “Call to Action” can be incorporated to your posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is an essential social media channel which offer direct ticket sales and advertising.

2. Download an event app

Event app provides an access to mobile users with the event schedules and networking opportunities. Moreover, it helps users to explore more sessions, customized personal schedule, and find information regarding the speakers of the event. This activities can guide them to maximize the day. Aside from that, event app is a great avenue to interact with other event attendees through the use of mobile phones.

3. Always update your attendees by text messaging

A simple text message allows to maintain the attendees organized regarding the event. Further, it is also a channel of complementing the email confirmations which should be sent automatically.

4. Work with “Push” notifications

Push notifications main task is to send reminders to your attendees. It works by sending a direct alert to their phones once they downloaded the app for your event. Push notifications can also be used for advertising discounts or giving updates.

5. Apply hashtags

Incorporation of hashtags will make a pathway for the event posts. Through these posts, searching and re-sharing would be easier so that others would be able to see the event in case you create posts with a particular hashtag. Aside from that, hashtags can make an actual store room for those who were not able to attend for them to view the event.

Checklist on Mobile Events Planning