Weigh training is one of the popular sports among men because it boosts their masculinity by achieving a many figure while staying fit and healthy at the same time. Decades ago, weightlifting were popular only among men, but in the present times, even women started to invest their time and money on weightlifting. Moreover, there are even various weightlifting competition that encourages women to join such competition.

There are great number of people who would like to try weightlifting training but are afraid to do so because, we all should admit that, it is quite intimidating especially if you have watched some weightlifting contest. Personally, it seems like it really takes a lot of dedication, time, effort before you can call yourself someone who is great at weightlifting https://www.masculinedevelopment.com/ostarine-complete-guide-mk-2866/ .

But wait, these days, there are plenty of weightlifting programs, events, and training  for those who would like to experience being on a weightlifting program. You should just always remember that anyone is free to join even if you are new to weightlifting.

In case you are the type of person who prefer to learn basics of weightlifting all by yourself, then it is fine as well. You just have to make sure that you are knowledgeable when it comes to the do’s and don’t in weightlifting. If not, we lay down some tips for you:

1. Ask a professional or an amateur to check your technique

You can probably come up with your own technique by watching videos online or by watching your friends and family. But in most cases, what you think is the best technique, might not be that safe for you.

2. Be careful on lifting weights – if you are just a beginner, then you better start lifting 5 pounds of weight then add few pounds as you go stronger.

3. Observe your form-  there were many cases of injury in weightlifting because of incorrect body form. Again, don’t just watch videos and develop your own program and be your own instructor. It is still better to ask somebody to look after you during your first few sessions. If you are going to a gym, better yet, as the assistance of a gym instructor.

The Do’s and Dont’s During a Weight Training