If you are running career as a wedding planner, what motivated you to be one? A friend of mine answered “The Wedding Planner”. It was Jennifer Lopez who pushed her to become a local wedding planner. Her answer intrigued me to look deeper into the movie “The Wedding Planner (2001)” starred by Jennifer Lopez. if you are looking for other movies that feature a life of a wedding events organizer, you can browse through American Netflix. Read this further – How to get American Netflix in Canada for more information.

The Wedding Planner Official Trailer

Latino sex bomb Lopez falls in love – dressed very chaste – as a “wedding planner” in the groom of a client and saves the well-behaved comedy with her romantic looks.

As a little girl she played wedding with Ken and Barbie. Now she’s grown up, but still not married. If you can’t celebrate a wedding yourself, you have to plan some, Mary (Jennifer Lopez) consoles herself and has become a coveted “wedding planner” in San Francisco.

As clean as Doris Day

Because Mary not only has a lot of imagination with which she arranges ceremonial appearances but is also a perfectionist. She looks after her rich clientele almost around the clock, selects each flower herself and sometimes works as a pastor and prompter when the groom gets queasy shortly before saying yes. In the evening she lies in bed alone and exhausted, but as happy as an angel and happy to have got a marriage together again.

Jennifer Lopez was not yet married, is also free again after the separation from the phone sex rapper and Ballermann Puff Daddy and is one of the most coveted women in the world. Men click their tongues and call them “La Guitarra” because of their magnificent curves, which she has insured for several million. However, Lopez did not become a superstar as an actress in spectacles such as “Anaconda” or “The Cell”, which are transient with the exception of the artful thriller “Out Of Sight”, but as a singer of simple Latino pop songs. It looks like a decorative addition in both professions and always remains as clean as Doris Day.

Prince Charming at the dumpster

With turtleneck sweaters and knee-length skirts, she flits as a chaste dream of a perfect daughter-in-law through a sugary hymn to eternal happiness for two and love at first sight, created by a Cinderella motif. When Mary gets stuck in the hole of a manhole cover on the street with her heel, she is saved by the Prince Charming from a rolling garbage container. Steve (Matthew McConaughey) is a doctor, attractive, charming, sensitive, fond of children and therefore fulfills all the characteristics of the ideal husband.

The same evening they had their first rendezvous under a Ferris wheel in a summer park, where loudly in love couples cuddled in front of an open-air screen on which the old Hollywood musical “Two Tickets To Broadway” flickered. They look deep into each other’s eyes, but before they can kiss, a downpour sets in. God raises his index finger warningly because the next day Marys Mr. Right turns out to be the future husband of her new customer Fran (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras).

The confusion of hearts follows the rhythm of romantic comedies such as “The Bride Who Doesn’t Dare” or “My Best Friend’s Wedding” with Julia Roberts. But while she, as bitchy mare like Katharine Hepburn in the screwball comedy “The Night Before the Wedding” has to be forced to choose the right groom, Mary is outraged that Steve flirted with her shortly before the sacred marriage vow, her feelings nevertheless completely clear. So she suffers bravely, because of course her great love is always there when preparing for the wedding.

Ready-made cinema of the fifties

“Wedding Planner” is reminiscent of the ready-made cinema of the 1950s, and former pop choreographer Adam Shankman also sees his directorial debut as a reference to the musicals of the time. Two dances therefore illustrate the emotional state of Mary and Steve. In the park they get closer with a slow waltz, when they meet again delicately they vigorously perform a tango. After that, the stylish smirking romance does not become heartbreaking, but becomes a fun comedy, especially when the cute Depp Massimo (Justin Chambers) advertises Mary’s favor at her father’s insistence. And McConaughey is so boring that you almost despise Steve for his confusion.

What makes the film worth seeing is actually Jennifer Lopez and not because of her rear view. Nobody else rolls her eyes romantic at the moment. A face like from a doll’s house. For almost two hours of cinema, you are helpless, you just want to marry her.

2001 The Wedding Planner Movie Featuring Jennifer Lopez