In event planning or even event marketing, everything revolves around the targeted and systematic planning of events. This includes, for example, conferences, trade fairs, press conferences, sales presentations, or sports and cultural events. The event marketing measures serve both to increase sales and to promote image or opinion-forming. A wide variety of tools are used like staging techniques from the areas of performance, show, and theater or very classic marketing strategies. This includes information stands and appropriately trained employees who explain the matter in a detailed manner.

Dismantling and disposal

The dismantling and disposal of the remaining rubbish are a final annoyance after the work is done, but should therefore not be neglected. After all, the organizer and the service companies commissioned by them are responsible for ensuring that the area used is clean and usable again. Often it is necessary to adhere to various regulations that are specified by the owner of the respective premises.

 Debriefing and feedback from guests

After the event, the so-called debriefing takes place, during which an initial maneuver criticism is given. For this purpose, the entire team comes together and names the points that were both positive and negative. Feedback from customers and suppliers can and should also be recorded in writing at this point. The experience gained by the team as well as the external feedback are very valuable for the coming organizations and can enrich your future events.

 Documentation and success measurement

The follow-up work ranges from collecting various service provider invoices to properly collating and preparing the invoices to entering them in the agency system. In addition, one should remind the guests again after the event. This can be done through a newsletter or a photo website, but also sending informational material or building a network via social media channels are good ways to stay in conversation with and with the guest.

Record successes/failures of event planning

Finally, the event will be judged in its entirety. Which concrete successes could be recorded, which goals could only be implemented slightly or not at all? What are celebrities wearing right now? Specific figures and evaluations are determined in this step and weighed against each other. A very positive public image or the deal with an important customer could be rated as a success, but it would be a failure if the event was more expensive than the customer could ever generate a profit.

Final ideas after the event planning