This year has been hard for everybody, including the fashion industry as designer houses and retailers are faced with high debts and the huge drops in sales. The fashion industry is one of the most affected among industries during the pandemic which means fashion models have also been affected as they also had to undergo periods of lockdown while living on their own. .

How Fashion Models Address Mental Health with the Uncertainties Faced by the Fashion Industry?

Apparently, mental health is not a big concern for many seasoned fashion models. Although the fashion industry is facing a great deal of uncertainty, especially now that consumers prefer to buy everything online just to keep safe, most fashion models have learned to deal with the possibilities of losing their livelihood even while engaged as a professional model.

As it is, fashion modeling work is not only about being in fashion shows as they also also need to attend parties and create networks to expand their fashion agency’s businesses by socializing. That is why what most models usually suffer from is exhaustion of different types, physical, mental or even emotional as the job can get to be stressful most of the time

That being the case, the current circumstances where lockdowns have forced everyone to stay at home, is more of a welcome change rather than a cause for depression. Even if temporarily, they have been liberated from the stress often forced on them by the fashion industry. Nonetheless, most fashion models adapt to the new situation by sticking to a particular food and activity routine, including engaging in house chores they were not able to do due to their hectic schedules.

Coping with loneliness is something they’re used to deal with, by maintaining regular contact with relationships, whether they be family, friends or someone currently being considered for a romantic interlude. Every once in a while, they take detours when going out to buy groceries, by visiting parks or other places recommended as safe enough for social distancing.

Fashion industry freelancers make sure that they are up to date with the latest news and developments by sharing information with other freelance fashion workers in social media sites, In most cases, they have a chat group where, regardless of the nature of their job will receive support in addressing any pressure or stress affecting their mental health. The idea is to let each other know that they are not alone in experiencing and facing the current challenges.

After all, facing job uncertainties are possibilities not new to many models, because even before the pandemic happened, they have long accepted the unpredictable nature of their profession. They know that someday, someone will replace them and take away modeling assignments from them

How to Find Job as Freelance Fashion Model

One of the hardest parts in the fashion industry is landing on a job, since the competition is very tough. In the fashion world, even if one gets to land a job, there is still a possibility of being replaced by someone considered as more fresh looking and much more competent.

Still, every fashion model has to start as a newbie and build a portfolio to use in showcasing their modeling skills and achievements. Having good looks combined with a well-proportioned body are advantages. However, be in the know that modeling house or agency also consider dependability, good work attitude and reputation as important traits when deciding to hire fashion people as regular employees.

If by chance you’re interested in high-fashion modeling, but you still need to work on your body proportion, you can take the current business lull as an excellent opportunity to improve your appearance. Gain the weight you need and the contouring muscles you need to form to qualify as a fashion model. There’s a weight gain supplement that has been taking many model-wannabes by storm, called apetamin. Still before taking the vitamin it would be best to consult with your doctor first so you will know if it’s safe to take under your current health condition.

How Fashion Models Cope with the Absence of Fashion Events
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