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Social media have become indispensable today. Many event organizers notice this impressively. Because no matter whether it is concerts, trade fairs or conferences – those who do not use social media such as TikTok (learn how to buy TikTok likes here) often have difficulties in attracting interested people and potential visitors to the event. Increasingly, what is advertised in the networks Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is perceived. The use of social media at events has become a necessity. With these tips, you can easily and easily design and carry out a successful event promotion in the social networks.

1. Planning is key: The marketing concept

Many organizers make the big mistake of paying all attention to the planning of the event. The questions of seating and admission control, technical equipment and supply of food and drink can be discussed for a long time, and it is not uncommon for the authorities to impose conditions that take a lot of time to fulfill. It is easy to forget that you have to advertise the events.

In order to avoid this mistake, the social media advertising campaign for the event should always be considered from the outset. It is best if you hire an employee or an entire team right from the start to plan, coordinate and create a marketing concept for this campaign. For all questions relating to the event, the marketing team should also be at the table. In this way, all steps on the way to the event can be incorporated into the campaign.

2. Create event page

On many social networks, you can enter events and advertise these events on your own event pages. On Facebook, it is very easy to register the events free of charge. The new event page can then be filled with a lot of news about the event – in principle, it works no differently than a fan page or a personal page on Facebook. The nice thing about it: The event page can be liked and recommended. As a result, it is quickly possible to draw great attention to the event.

3. Make you curious about your event

Use your own mechanisms of social media. It is very important that you do not reveal everything about the event right away. Make it exciting. If you’re expecting special guests, don’t trumpet it right at the beginning of the advertising campaign. Suggest that important guests might come. And finally, surprise you with the final commitment, which is gradually placed in the media. It is important to keep the tension high until the day of the event and to keep the fans and followers happy.


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4. Tweet about your event

An excellent medium to spread this news is the short message service Twitter. This allows you to quickly and easily spread news about the planned event. In this way, your followers have a share in the process that leads to the event. They will thank you with great attention and a wide dissemination of the event. It is important that you choose a convincing hashtag that sums up the whole event in a nutshell.

5. Use different networks for social media promotion

Facebook may be the flagship social media. But there are many other networks such as Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, XING and many more. In the run-up to the campaign, you should think about which networks are used by your target group. While Facebook targets the masses, XING, for example, focuses more on the economy. Concerts can be marketed extremely well via YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr appeal to art-loving people, among others.

Depending on the event and target group, it should be considered whether the social media marketing for the new event should focus on one platform or a cross-platform campaign. The latter is often the better choice because it allows many more people to be reached.

6. Communication is everything

If you want to use social media correctly at events, you can’t just rely on your messages to get through. But also listen and take the hints, discussions, praise and criticism of your fans and followers seriously. After all, these are your guests, on whom your event is ultimately dependent. The use of social media at events gives you the unique opportunity to use this potential right from the planning stage.

6 Tips for Event Marketing on Social Media