When to Begin Looking for a Location
Better if done sooner. You may start looking for a location once you have a firm grasp on the following three criteria: budget, anticipated event size, and space needs.

To give yourself enough time to organize other essential elements, such as recruiting excellent speakers, developing an event program and website, launching ticket sales, interacting with guests, and more, book a location at least 8 months in advance.

What to Take Into Account When Looking for a Location

1. Place
You’ve probably already given this some thought. You could be searching for a location for a local event that is reasonably close to where the majority of guests live or work. Finding a location close to the airport or the participants’ hotels would be helpful if many attendees will be coming from out of town. Whatever the situation, don’t forget to take traffic, commuting, and parking alternatives into account.

2. Parking

Is there valet parking or a parking lot at the venue? The stuff of dreams is a place with parking. If that’s not possible, check to see if there are any adjacent parking lots that guests may use.

3. Minimums and Capacity
What is the volume? For a number of reasons, you must be aware of the room capacities of the locations. First off, a space that can accommodate 250 people cannot comfortably accommodate 500 people (assuming that is the size of your predicted gathering). Second, the venue must adhere to fire and safety regulations.

4. Layout

Even though you’ll be choosing a location early on in the planning process, you should still have a general understanding of the activities you’ll be arranging, the amenities you’ll need, and the requirements of both your team and the guests.

5. Accessibility and Ambiance

Pay close attention to the venue’s current decor. What message does the inside of the building communicate, the painting by Bloomington Painting Pro, and what architectural style is it? You’ll probably require different venue accommodations for a gala than you would for an exhibition.

While you’ll undoubtedly be aware of if there will be kids at your location, you might not be aware of the presence of other special needs people. Reviewing recent events that your organization has hosted could help you understand this problem.
How to Choose a Venue as an Event Planner