After fundamental decisions have been made in developing the event concept and strategy, the next step is to plan the event specifically and to implement the concept. Methods and instruments of project management, such as a work breakdown structure and milestone planning, can be used for this purpose.

Points to consider when planning and organizing

Event date

The date of the event should be chosen carefully and so that it is as favorable as possible for the target group.

In order to ensure that everyone involved in the event will attend, it is worthwhile to have alternative dates ready in the early planning phase and to only start with the concrete planning. If events are planned on Sundays or public holidays, it must be clarified whether this requires approval.


The venue should provide a framework for implementing the event idea or concept. Ambiance and atmosphere have a major impact on how comfortable the visitors feel at the event. If the event does not take place in the library, the venue should also be selected from a formal point of view. Decisive for the success of the event are the location, the accessibility, the existing infrastructure and equipment, the consideration of security aspects and the statics, the room capacity, and last but not least the costs.

Event technology

Sound and lighting create the framework for the event and have an influence on the atmospheric quality of the event and the perception of the performances. In particular the lighting, for example, the use of floor lights and spotlights, is often a cost-effective and easy to implement mood carrier even for smaller events, which puts the event in the “right light”. But the sound and acoustics should also be adapted to the event and the selected event format.


Food is important for any event such as Catskillfishing. An offer of food and drinks can loosen up an event and create a communicative framework.


Ensuring safety is a top priority when holding events. For this reason, the risk potential must be specifically assessed when planning the event and – in the case of major events – a safety concept must be worked out according to the specifications of the local authorities, which serves as the basis for all necessary permits.

Planning And Organizing Events
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