Good news for event organizers and planners! The Archery Trade Association (ATA) is encouraging members to hold outdoor events in recruiting new bowhunters. According to the ATA, they have good reason to believe that there are millions of potential bowhunters in North America, and one way by which archery entrepreneurs can reach and recruit them is by way of outdoor events.

While advertising during competitive events are also helpful, they are likely to attract those who are already engaged in bowhunting. There are others who are interested but require convincing in bringing their interest to the next level by becoming participants. Some just need a little push by way of tutorials from where they can learn how to properly shoot bows, draw bow strings or take aim at moving targets.

The goal is to build the confidence of potential archery enthusiasts by letting them know that archery and bow-hunting are sports that anyone can learn with ease.

What the ATA suggests is to start the recruitment campaign with the staff members hired by entrepreneurs. That way, they can effectively spread the right information about bowhunting across their circle of relatives and friends. The recruitment campaign could result to exponential growth because new members will in turn recruit others.

Organizers and Planners Should Start Drawing Plans on How to Hold Outdoor Archery Events

While still in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, mass gatherings are still not allowed. Although outdoor events are permitted, the CDC recommends only up to 10 persons in each gathering. Albeit there is some confusion on whether the restrictions are still being enforced, because no less than president Trump himself, does not comply with the CDC’s safety guidelines.

Nonetheless, it would be best for planners to pay heed to the CDC-prescribed safety measures and precautions since the success of recruitment campaigns rely on the health and well-being of all participants. .

The ATA gives advice to entrepreneurs to give event planners ample time to carefully assess conditions on which to base their plans for the slated occasion.. Moreover, the trade association also recommends not to push the issue if after the event, some participants are still undecided. That way, positive feedback will be given about the experience. Otherwise, participants will perceive the event as just another marketing strategy in which to promote deals on crossbows and other types of bowhunting equipment.

Nonetheless, ATA recommends for archery business owners and event organizers to make the non-competitive archery event fun, informative and interactive, which denotes giving participants hands-on experience in applying what they have learned from lectures.

Organizing and Planning for Non-Competitive Archery Events