Schools of game design cater to students who are creative and looking for a career that reflects their imaginations. Centennial College’s Schools Game Design Program is a two year program that provides students with hands-on training in game design. It teaches students how to create 2D and 3-D art assets for games, develop characters and express their own ideas. After obtaining their College Diploma, students can take their career in many directions. After college, people go to create beautiful and creative games like warpath — a simple but solid game. It can also get intricate as people learn more on designing and coding a game.

Game Concept Artist

Concept artists are those who work from a brief and create concept art for a game. The concept artist sketches a prototype of the design that will include colour schemes, rough designs, background information, and real-world examples. So that the concept artist can incorporate their ideas in the next draft, lead designers, creatives, and other developers can critique the design.

Level Designer

This professional is responsible to create video game levels, such as locations, stages, and missions. A level editor is a game development software that allows you to create levels. Some games have built-in tools for level editing. Wikipedia states that level design can be both artistic and technical.

Character animator:Imagine yourself as the animator of animated characters. This is the Character Animator’s role. They breathe life into characters and create the illusion of emotion, thought, and personality.

Character modeler:They use their 3D animation software knowledge, such as Maya or 3DS to create or modify 3D characters. Professionals need to ensure characters conform to the game’s current style. To improve game flow and reduce stuttering and freezing, companies set memory limits. Character modelers must be capable of rendering characters with the highest quality and detail, while also ensuring that the memory used to create the 3-D character does not exceed this limit.

Planning to Study Game Design
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