With the summer travel season well underway, more and more people are opting to drive to their destinations this year, because the world continues to accommodate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Road Trip


This crisis has provided advisors with a true opportunity to prepare the right custom road trip itineraries for his or her clients, however, with the threat of a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, the likelihood of another round of closures and travel restrictions, and a variety of recent health and safety concerns, what factors should advisors consider when arranging a road trip for his or her clients?

More people are willing to travel

Following the long period of lockdown and travel restrictions, people are now able to go back out and see the globe, though many are choosing to require closer-to-home vacations by car.

“When it involves travel, two things are true: Folks want to urge out and stretch their legs after months of “stay-at-home” orders.

Itinerary changes

“We’re commencing to see an uptick in traffic and trips departing, and it’s really exciting to be back within the swing of things,” said Lillian Rafson, founder and CEO of clean up + Go, a travel company that gives surprise travel itineraries for user-supported their personal preferences.


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Addressing safety concerns

As destinations nationwide prepare to welcome visitors, there’ll be a way greater concentrate on hygiene and sanitation than ever before. Aside from the unlikely event of getting into accidents where roadside assistance such as towing San Jose is necessary (be sure also to get their number), travelers will want to understand what steps are being taken to confirm they’re safe, and it’s up to advisors to stay track of the myriad of recent measures.

She also said that because of reports of an increase in active COVID cases, “we are seeing some hesitation from travelers now. We’re just trying to be as flexible as possible and permit our travelers to alter their dates or postpone their plans to a degree where they feel really comfortable traveling, and might have the foremost positive experience possible.”

What are travelers searching for on a very road trip

She also said that after the long period of lockdown, people were desirous to begin traveling again, whether or not they stay relatively procurable just to be in a very new environment.

How advisors can take the lead

If all a prospective traveler needs for a road trip is luggage, a car and a thought, why bother hiring a travel agent? With such a big amount of options available and repair modifications being implemented on the fly, maintaining everything and choosing the simplest course of actions can appear to be a frightening task.


Planning Road Trips for Travel Customers