At some point, all artists are likely to visit a tattoo conference. Tattoo conferences provide a great opportunity for artists to travel, among other things. They also allow clients who would not otherwise be able to visit an artist for a tattoo to do so. But how can you gain access to one? What should you expect if you do?

We spoke with a few tattoo artists with years of experience in the industry and at conventions, and we asked them all the questions we believe you’ll have to know to make your first one a blast.

Q: What is the procedure for attending a convention?

A: It is entirely dependent. Some conventions are invitation-only, so you’ll need to be well-known or appreciated by the people who select the artists for the event. You may apply for a lot right now, and if you get in, that’s fantastic! If you’re new to the industry, applying to a few will help you get your reputation out there.

Q: What are the advantages of attending a convention?

A: The benefits of getting your name out in the tattoo community and getting more work are great when you’re first starting out, but once you’ve been doing them for a while, you tend to benefit more from keeping up with friends and just enjoying the experience! The atmosphere is incredible.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of attending a convention?

A: Having the opportunity to reconnect with friends from all over the world. You meet a lot of people there — it’s a terrific social event for both the industry and business, and it’s well worth attending.

Q: How have traditions evolved throughout time?

A: Conferences used to be invitation-only affairs, and there were far fewer of them. There are now quite a few, and the overall footfall has begun to decline. I believe social media has played a significant role in this because consumers can now see anything online and don’t need to’shop’ for tattoo artists as much at gatherings.


Preparing for a Tattoo Convention