Cosplayers playing Naruto characters


What makes cosplay events very different from regular events is the need to secure “changing rooms,” “make space,” and “cloakrooms.” Cosplayers do not go to the venue wearing Naruto Clothing like cosplay from home, they change into cosplay costumes in the changing room prepared at the venue. After changing clothes, make-up is exaggerated to make it look great for photos.

It is no exaggeration to say that it will determine the quality of cosplay events by being able to prepare and operate this “change of clothes,” “makeup” and “cloakroom” according to the number of visitors.

Cosplay event is not usually held using “stage.” In ordinary events, it is natural that there are events on stage, but cosplay events are “huge photo sessions” so that people really gather around to have photoshoots rather than to watch the event on stage.

But of course, if you integrate cosplay and fashion show, then you will have the need for a stage. With the stage comes a detailed program schedule so that people who join the venue knows the time for photoshoots and the time to watch the fashion show on stage.


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5 steps to a successful cosplay event

Preparation is essential in any cosplay event. Here are 5 things that a cosplay event planner should know for the success of the event.

1. Securing the main regular

Cosplayers who appear in fashion shows need to have participated in cosplay events several times. If everyone is a first member, it takes a lot of time just to rehearse. Beginners in cosplay shows feel more uneasy before the show. As a result, performance becomes bad and a bad image remains. To avoid it, gather experienced people who become the main axis and separate the beginners.

2. Recruitment of new participants

To some extent, experienced people will gather new cosplay fashion shows. The more new participants there are, the more the movement will be recognized and the more candidates will be the main regulars. So it is important to recruit newbies to prepare them for future events.

3. Collection of planned costumes

Ask in advance which works and which characters will be played by cosplayers participating. This is the most time-consuming, but the most important point of the “runway” is.

The biggest concern when deciding the order of the cosplay foundation show is “wearing.” “Wearing” means that two or more cosplayers select the same character as the planned costume. The planned costume is a costume that cosplayers are proud of “facing the stage with this costume,” so you can not easily ask for changes to the motivation of cosplayers.

Therefore, event planners can consider this by trying to separate the order or daring to sandwich related characters between them.

4. Rehearsals

Normally, it would be nice to rehearse the day before or on a different day, but it is an event where participants from all over the place, near and far. So rehearsal can be done before the opening in consideration of people from far away.

There is a limit to the time you can meet, and you have to finish by the opening time, so you have to have nearly 60 cosplayers grasp the movement in a net hour. If the rehearsal can be carried out in a good manner, it is as good as 80% success.

5. Production

Before the performance, how to remove the anxiety of the participating cosplayers and raising motivation is an important task of progress. Ask the contestants to relax their shoulders while talking to them. Start a joke and make them laugh so as to relieve the tension they feel.

Finally, congratulate everyone for making it to the event. If you are able to make everyone feel they are glad to join the show then it’s a success.


5 Things You Should Know About Cosplay Event Planning
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