Venues are expected to be in demand as AMEX projects that 81% of 2022 events will include in-person as a component, since things have yet to resume to normal. Venue operators therefore must make sure to fix a good team of staff and employees in facing a busy year. In light of the “Great Resignation” movement, backup plans should also be ready to cover for any staff shortage issue that might arise in the most inopportune time. That being the case, it’s also recommended that event organizers look into this aspect when checking out venues.

‘The Great Resignation’ and Its Impact in the Hospitality Industry

A lot of workers have been leaving their jobs in connection with ‘The Great Resignation’ happening in multiple industries. It was discussed in the International Confex 2021 conference that after the pandemic lockdowns, modern employees came to realize that having a career does not relate to salary alone, but also to their well-being. Workers now have higher expectations from companies rather than just companies imposing higher expectations on them.

As they were left to fend for themselves at the height of the outbreak, they found the courage to exercise their right to look and work for employers who care for their mental health, personal wellness and in maintaining a work-life balance.

2021 Survey Revealed that Even Event Planners were on the Verge of Burnout

A 2021 survey conducted by people analytics company Visier revealed findings that even event planners felt that they were not receiving both personal and professional support from their superiors. Some event planners even revealed that their organization refused to acknowledge the sacrifices made by their employees. The survey results show how event planners feel pressured by heavy work overload, to which ⅓ of the respondents admitted they were already feeling burned out.

Corporate responsibility is currently included as a key focus in the sustainability movement for the event management industry. This denotes that now, more than ever, event companies must treat employees well by offering them benefits, providing rightful compensations, and foster a healthy employee culture.

Even event professionals should have boundaries in their personal and work life without experiencing any unnecessary stress. Burnout can be avoided by scheduling expectations, by following and practicing said expectations without making employees feel shame or guilt as long as they are within clear boundaries.

Ensuring Venues Have a Reliable Staff and Team of Workers in the Year 2022