Tow Truck


If you are having a happening, you would like a tow truck…maybe two

If you are running an occasion of any size you may need a wrecker on-site and in most cases two or three of varying size. The numbers and size also depend on the kind of surface you park on, the time of the year, and the size of vehicles to be towed.

There are two main concerns. First, someone will park where they are not alleged to and block a serious artery for your buses or general traffic and you will remove the offender quickly. Secondly, if you ought to have rain of any magnitude and you are parking in a very field or on grass it will get muddy real fast with traffic. You will have to have a wrecker there to drag the cars out if they stand still.

There are other uses for the tow trucks; they will jump dead batteries similarly as open windows when the keys are locked inside the vehicle still being a visual deterrent for people that could be puzzling over parking during a no automobile parking space.


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This is a vital part of your event planning. You will stage one at the bus loop within the event a bus encompasses a problem and desires to be abstracted of the way quickly so on not prevent the transportation.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

If there is an issue with cars or buses blocking a lane you do not want to be calling AAA for a tow…you have to move the vehicle immediately to stay traffic moving. It is amazing how briskly gridlock can occur impacting not only your transit but all the roads within the surrounding area.

I have bartered for towing services like Santa Clara towing in the past because it is often long days for the drivers and costs add up fast.


Why You Need A Tow Truck When Having Your Event