Recent social media platform statistics revealed the growing popularity of astrology-themed parties as searches for food and decor ideas went up by 247 %. Here, the zodiac sign or the sun sign is given emphasis as an essential factor that shapes individual characteristics and identity; making it one of today’s popular party themes.

If there’s no specific celebrant in whose honor the event is being held, a Zodiac Tapestry for each of the 12 sun signs can immediately exude the impression of being astrology-themed.

Still, party or event planners have to make decisions on what kind of food and ambience to create, and activities to present to make the astrology theme special and impressive.

Some Suggestions to Work on When Planning or Organizing an Astrology-Themed Event


Host it at a local planetarium to give attendees opportunities to to actively learn more about celestial bodies. It might be a bit unconventional but it will be educational for kids and adults alike.

Hold a cosmos party by way of a backyard stargazing event in a location somewhere far from obstructive city lights. Provide print outs of constellations, which guests can use as guides in looking for similar cluster of stars across the night sky.

Invitations, Accessories and Decors

Order custom made astrology-themed invitations that could also double as souvenir frames for guests to keep after the party ends;

Mimic the bright and vast universe filled with stars, planets, asteroids, and celestial energy through space-themed banners, decors and lightings. One way to do this is by using fairy lights that would give the venue a stellar feel by adding decors with hues of silver, purple, and blue.

Party or Event Activities

Astrology-related activities depend on the age group of party ot event guests, A game of scrabble but limited to astrology-related words and terminologies only, is a good game for challenging older guests. On the other hand, the younger ones can go on a word-hunt for constellation names and terminologies mentioned in the “Star Wars” movie franchise Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or an office event, play a memory game of matching zodiac signs with symbols.

Create the Perfect Party Playlist of Space or Astrology-Themed Music

Create the perfect playlist for the party with space-related songs ranging from “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra, to “Across the Universe” by The Beatles, “Space Oddity by David Bowie, “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence’s Clearwater Revival, “Aquarius” by Hair and “Rocket Man” by Sir Elton John, which is just to name a few.

Incorporate Galactic Designs to the Food and Drinks

Incorporate cool designs of galaxy objects, space travel, celestial bodies or similar elements, in the food served as appetizers, drinks, desserts or party treats. Categorize flavors based on zodiac sign elements such as fire for spicy food, water for seafood options, Earth for vegetables, and fruits & nuts for Air the symbol.

Cool Ideas for Incorporating Zodiac Elements in Astrology-Themed Events